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Use Of .INF Files

INF file can not only use Windows ® Internet Explorer ® Administration Kit 8 (IEAK 8), batch files, the command line switches and third-party applications to customize the installation, but can use also to create custom installation solutions using the Installation information files (. inf). Inf files allow you to use the engine to install Microsoft Windows integrated to automate installation tasks such as creating files and folders or the provision of features to uninstall the software components you install in As part of your custom browser packages. This section describes the files. Inf and discusses how to use these text files to customize your component installations.

How .Inf Files Organized

INF file is organized into several sections. Each section (there are twenty one) has a particular function. These functions range from simple file manipulation to the modification of entries in the registry through the INI files.

INF files must respect the following rules:

  • The sections begin with a section name enclosed in brackets.
  • Every INF file must contain a section [Version], which indentifies the file compatibility with Windows 95 or Windows NT.
  • The use of variable is possible using the syntax%% variable_name. The variables are defined in the [Strings]. To use the Character% in a string, use the following syntax:%% .

Applications Usage Of Inf files:

  1. Installing a driver (detection of a new device), or a Windows module.
  2. Automatic installation of a program (including to install a program without the knowledge of a user).
  3. Editing an INI or an entry in the registry during the login script.
Types of section
Add Registry This section allows you to add entries in the registry.
ClassInstall32 This section allows you to install a new class.
Copy Files This section allows you to copy selected files.
Delete Registry This section allows you to delete entries in the registry.
Delete Files This section allows you to delete selected files.
DestinationDirs This section defines the destination directory for each file selection.
Device This section provides specifications for the installation of a device.
EventLog Install Can add or delete a message in the event registry.
Ini File to Registry Moves a line or section of an INI file to the registry.
Install This section identifies the sections of the INF file.
Log Config This section allows you to set the device settings (IRQ, DMA, ...) to install.
Manufacturer This section identifies the manufacturer of the device to install.
Rename Files This section allows rennomer a selection of files.
Install Service This section installs the services specified in the Service section.
Services This section allows you to add or remove a service to the system.
Strings This section is used to initialize the variables used in the other sections.
Update INI Fields This section allows you to change part of an entry in a section of an INI file.
Update INI File This section allows you to change an entire entry in a section of an INI file.
Version This section header is REQUIRED in all INF files.
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